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hey guys! thank u so much for watching this week’s video, i appreciate it so much :,) this week is my finals week and jfc am i stressed. It’s like 12:08am rn but ! it’s ok !! i finished all of my hw and studied a little bit and just finished this video !!! okok i’m gonna go to bed, i hope everyone who’s in school & taking their exams rn does well & if you’re out of school//just not taking them, hope all is well!! hope you’re having good days!! okok i’ll go fr now, ok bye, ily !! bye !

((lol working on them rn as we speak))
links to clips in order as they appear:
Tae w dog in beginning:
YG w smelly dog:
JH w Tannie:
JM w calico cat:
Tae w white Pomeranian:
V & JM w dog that pooped on ground:
J w sugar gliders:
BTS w puppies:
BTS w snake, elephant, & parrot:
RM V & JK w stray dogs:
JM on beach w cat:
JK in cafe w dogs:
Yoda dog:
JM & TAE going over to dogs:
JM LG commercial:
videos of jjanggu: @BTS_twt on twitter !!!
JH w pug falling asleep:
RM w his doggy:
JM w little puppy is from their twitter ((BTS_twt)
Tae w Pomeranian:
Tannie & eomuk in studio:
video of Mickey & Hope at the end is from their twitter as well


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