About Us


We have animals that we keep at our home. Some type of pet. It could be a cat or dog or small animal such as rabbit or snake or ant farm. It is our pledge to take care of our friends. We are forced to feed them, groom them, clean up after them. But we sure get very emotional when they run away or pass away.

Then we have animals that we see in the movies. Lassie or rin tin tin or a elephant or a race horse. We get very tuned in when the animal gets in trouble or has a bad experience. Then we feel good after the animals are saved or the animal will put their life on the line for their owner or trainer.

We go out to the zoo and get to see a lot of animals. We are sad to see that they are not free and wild as most of their friends. But we have a good time watching what they do, like the monkeys and seals or birds and large animals like the lions and the gorillas and the elephant and the zebras. It is fun to visit the zoos in other cities when we go on vacation or have a trip to visit relatives.

Then we have events like horse racing or dog racing. I do not get into either of these bad situations. The animals are set up and bred to be stronger, faster and steadier than the other combatants. People go to all the big events during the year and bet their money that one horse or dog is better than the other.

The worst thing I do not like with animals is when people put their dog or rooster in a fight with other dogs and roosters. We need the law to make sure that those events do not happen.

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