9 Animals That Are Bigger Than You Could Ever Think

You probably read in children’s encyclopedias that hundreds of millions of years ago, the planet was inhabited by huge creatures: majestic dinosaurs, large snakes, giant birds and fish. Diplodocus, for example, were 25% bigger than a blue whale – the largest of modern animals. However, dinosaurs became extinct as many other ancient animals evolved.
There are not many giant animals in the modern world, although they certainly exist. Their impressive size has many advantages: predators prefer to stay away from them, they have access to more resources, including food, and it is easier for a big body to keep warm. Today we are going to tell you about the largest mammals, reptiles, birds and rodents.

00:00 – Welcome!
00:54 – Komodo dragon
02:08 – Giant salamander
03:19 – Giant octopus
04:32 – Black sea hare
05:25 – Whale shark
06:37 – Wandering albatross
07:39 – Elephant seal
08:40 – Bosavi woolly rat
09:32 – Giant centipede

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