10 Wild Animals That Saved Human Lives

10 Wild Animals That Saved Human Lives

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10 Wild Animals That Saved Human Lives
Normally, people should be wary of wild animals. They are often quite unpredictable, and when people
encounter them up close, bad things usually happens. But not here as we discuss various acts of heroism
performed by wild animals that resulted in saved human lives. Number one is an especially engaging
story so make sure you stay tuned for that. Here are 10 wild animals that saved human lives.

Number 10. Leave it to the Beavers
Rheal Gindon and his family wanted nothing that day except for some family bonding fun. Little did they
know that their day would end in tragedy. Upon arriving at their campsite, both parents decided to go
fishing while Rheal stayed on shore. The boat almost immediately overturned and Rheal’s parents
drowned right in front of him, leaving him alone in the wilderness. Or so he thought.
Devastated and panicked, he attempted to walk to the nearest town to seek help, but as the sun went
down, his heart filled with fear. He realized that he would have to spend the cold night outside. He was
heartbroken and traumatized as he lay on the cold, hard ground. When he felt something warm and
furry press up against him, he assumed it was a dog and soon fell asleep. When he awoke the next
morning, he discovered three beavers, snuggled up against him. The temperatures had dipped below
zero over the course of the night, and it is more than likely that he would have frozen to death if not for
his new furry friends.

Number 9. Dolphins Vs Shark
36 year old Grant Dickson was out fishing on his prawn trawler one day in 2002 when it hit a patch of
rough seas and subsequently sank. Bleeding heavily, he clung for his life on the upturned boat, thinking
of rescue and of his two crew members whom he feared had already drowned. Little did he know that
rescue was two days away.
While floating out in the open water, the fisherman told reporters of a remarkable story. He described
how a group of sharks had stalked him after his fishing boat had sunk. It was, he felt, only a matter of
time before they attacked him. one shark in particular was moving closer and closer, before the
intervention of a pod of dolphins which moved in and scared the predators away. His ordeal lasted
several more hours as he continued to drift in the Pacific Ocean. Thoughts of his family, he said, gave
him the determination to survive.
He was eventually rescued by a passing cruise ship almost two days after his trawler sank. If it weren’t
for the pod of dolphins, he wouldn’t have lived to tell his amazing story.

Number 8. Ning Nong
During the tsunami that devastated Asia back in 2004, there were a lot of victims. However, there were
a lot of heroes as well. Some of these heroes don’t ask for accolades or recognitions, some of them

aren’t even human. Here’s the heroic story of Ning Nong, a four year old elephant who befriended an 8
year old girl and saved her life from the raging tsunami.
Amber and her family were spending a month long vacation in Phuket, Thailand. During their stay,
Amber befriended Ning Nong and would literally spend every day together, with Amber often feeding
Ning Nong bananas or her riding on his back. They were together when the tsunami struck.
The water quickly rose to Amber’s shoulder, and the power of the tsunami was quickly overwhelming all
the beach goers, including Amber and Ning Nong. All Amber could do was cling to 4ft Ning Nong. Instead
of throwing her off he climbed through the swirling current, up the beach and inland with her on his
back. He only stopped when he reached a high wall, about 400ft from the shore, where he wedged
himself beside a stone shelf so that Amber could clamber up to safety.

Number 7. The Pride
Back in 2005, a 12 year old girl was kidnapped in Ethiopia. Her kidnappers were forcing her into a
marriage that she, of course, refused. She was kept by her abductors for a week, and beaten during her
captivity, until a group of unlikely heroes came to her rescue.
Three lions came along and chased the kidnappers away. Not content with that, the lions stood guard
until authorities found the poor girl. After that, the lions just calmly walked away, probably content in
the knowledge that the poor girl was now safe and sound. Authorities said that if the lions didn’t come
along, it would have been much worse for the girl.
Experts believe that the lions mistook the girl’s cries for help for a distressed lion cub and came to her
rescue. Lionesses, especially, are very protective of their cubs. This rescue might just be the catalyst to
change the treatment of lions in Ethiopia, who are unfortunately hunted for their manes and skin.

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