10 Animals Created by Devil

10 Animals Created by Devil

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10 Animals Created by the Devil Himself

“You look like hell” is an understatement for the creatures on this list. More than having a face that only their mother could love, these animals look live they’ve been spawned from the bosom of the devil himself. That’s not to say that the animals on this list are inherently evil, because I for one believe that evil doesn’t exist in the animal kingdom, they just look like they are. Today, we will be looking 10 animals that could be created by the devil himself. Number one is the stuff of nightmares so make sure you watch out for that.

Number 10. The Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko
Maybe it’s the lidless eyes, or maybe the tiny little horns, or the way its vertical pupils stare into the depths of your soul, or the bright red insides of their mouths, whatever the reason, the satanic leaf-tailed gecko truly deserves its name. However, their appearance is not used for scaring the living daylights out of people, it’s actually for camouflage.
The satanic leaf-tailed geckos live solely in trees thanks to their sticky toes. Not only are the bottoms of their toes made of millions of tiny plates, but they also have curved claws for extra grip. These plates allow movement across smooth vertical surfaces like glass. If that doesn’t provide enough holding power, the satanic leaf-tailed gecko can also use its tail to wrap around branches.
During the day, these geckos use a variety of tactics to stay safe from predators like eagles, snakes, and rats. Besides camouflage, they can also flatten their bodies to minimize their shadow, open their jaws wide to show their bright red mouths, or shed their tail and run away.

Number 9. The Thorny Devil
The Thorny Devil, also known as thorny dragon, the Moloch, the thorny lizard, or the mountain devil, is an amazing Australian reptile. It got its name owing to the two large horned scales resembling that of devil horns. Despite its appearance, this intriguing creature is totally harmless. They are found in central and western Australia inhabits deserts and arid scrubland. They are currently an endangered species and are being actively protected by conservationists.
The whole upper side of the lizard’s body is covered with thorns. Also, the creature features a spiny “false head” on the back of its neck These natural spikes acts as a defense mechanism against predators. The thorny devil can measure up to 20 cm long, including the tail, and females are bigger than males. In general, the species are brown and tan in color, but like the chameleon, this reptile also has the ability to change color.
Though they look like they feed on the souls of sinners, they mainly eat ants and can gobble up 3000 of them in a single meal.

Number 8. The Spiny Devilfish
he Spiny Devilfish, also called as Demon Rockfish, Devil Stinger or the Bearded Ghoul, is a species of stonefish known for its poisonous dorsal fin spines. It has been reported that the poison causes unimaginable pain to anyone who steps on them, which is in my opinion justification enough for its devilish name that inflict excruciating pain if trodden upon.
This devilish fish is widespread all over the Indo-Pacific region including Thailand, the Philippines and Maldives. Generally, Spiny Devilfish prefers lagoons, seaward reefs buried in sand or silt. They are known to be solitary creatures and prefers the quiet life, and they mostly feed on fish and invertebrates.
Aside from its devilish looks, this fish also has other remarkable features. To add to the creep factor, it has front fish that looks like fingers. They have modified pectoral fins that they use to walk, and they also come in a variety of colors from chocolate brown, orange, and deep red.

Number 7. The Giant Devil’s Flower Mantis
The Praying Mantis truly is a devilish creature. Bloodthirsty and always hungry, they are expert hunters who, the females in particular, often have their husbands for lunch right after mating. Given these creatures fearsome reputation, they certainly warrant an inclusion on this list. However, one specific mantis doesn’t only act devilish, it also looks the part.
The devil’s flower mantis is found in southwest Africa, from Malawi to Kenya and Somalia. They can be found in areas that contain flowers

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