Top 10 Most Unexpected Dangerous Animals

Top 10 Most Unexpected Dangerous Animals

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Top 10 Most Unexpected Dangerous Animals
When it comes to animals, things aren’t always what they seem. There are creatures that look like the
devil created them himself, but are as harmless as fluff. But, there are these ten animals. Today, we will
be looking at 10 of the most unexpected dangerous animals in the world. Number 1 is often used to
describe cowards but makes a surprising appearance on this list. Stay tuned to find out why.

Number 10. Cats
YouTube’s success and the first worldwide internet darling, cats aren’t
the cute little fur balls you think they are. I know that cat lovers from all over the world would lynch me
for saying this but, here goes; cats actually hate you. Given the chance, a cat would literally poop on
everything you love. Okay, so maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement, but many people seem to forget
that cats have these things called claws.
Here’s another question for you: what’s the worst injury do you think someone has sustained from a
cat? The answer is all of them, all of the injuries. A Cleveland man was attacked with such ferocity by his
pet cat that he actually had to resort to fighting it off with a knife. When taken to the hospital, the
doctors took one look at the raw meat he called a face, shrugged, and had him airlifted to a better
Of course this was a freak occurrence, but the next time a cat is on your lap, just remember that if it
wanted to, if it really, really wanted to

Number 9. Crows
Crows are one of smartest animals we share the planet with. Perhaps they probably are. Their tiny
minds are capable of complex thought, problem solving and apparently, enjoyment of harassing
anybody they don’t like.
For example, crows have been known to harass and warn other crows about people who’ve been less
than courteous to them. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg; even if you don’t go out of your way to
badmouth a crow, these tiny black-clad birds will still find many reasons to attack you. For example, in
England several joggers suffered injuries, one was even hospitalized because they ran too close a crow’s
nest. The thing is, crow’s nests are way up in the trees and people can’t exactly fly. And yet the crow still
felt you’ve trespassed.
This means that if there’s a crow anywhere near you, there’s also a chance there could be a crow’s nest,
which means you are fair game.

Number 8. Mice
Mice are extremely dangerous animals. If you don’t believe me, just watch any Tom and Jerry cartoon
and you’ll see what I mean. But seriously, though the humble mouse poses little-to-no threat to a

human, because they’re tiny and most humans are partial to shoes with heavy soles, they positively can
and do pose a threat to every other animal that crosses their path.
For example, when firefighters in Taiwan caught a deadly viper and opted to feed it a tiny mouse as a
snack, they in no way expected the mouse to bite the viper to death. But that’s exactly what happened.
If a tiny mouse biting a snake 5 times its size to death isn’t impressive enough, you should also note this
fact; mice can use their urine to make you fatally ill. Yes, mouse urine contains bacteria that, when it
enters the human body, causes a disease called leptospirosis, which if left untreated can lead to deadly

Number 7. Deer
Deer are mostly known for being Bambi’s relatives and, if that film taught us anything, it’s that deer go
down easy and without a fight. But who would have guessed that a company such as Disney would
stretch the truth about anything, much less about how easy deer are to kill? As it turns out, a buck can
easily shrug off a bullet wound and still have enough fight left in them to tackle their shooter and stomp
his face for good measure. Likewise, they’ve also been known to straight-up tackle people for no reason
at all.

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