इन जानवरो को पहली बार देखोगे ज़िन्दगी में 10 rarest animals you will see first time in your life

Most Rare and unsual animals you have never seen before (adventure)


Well friends, if we ask you this question, how many kinds of creatures do you know? So we are very sure that the answer for most of you will be that, he does not know more than 500 creatures, some people will hardly know about 100-200 creatures, now friends, think of you, Of the millions of species, you hardly know about 500 animals, then it means that there will be many people, whom you may not have even heard of, but this is not necessarily about Come in Don’t know that there is nothing special in them, oh brother, our earth is full of mysteries, and it contains such a variety of things, which are ready to surprise you every moment, so friends today I am your host and Friend Sam, in your favorite channel, I am going to tell you about some such unique creatures that you have hardly heard about, but yes you are going to have fun knowing about them, so Let’s start this unique video of our day without any delay, and if you like the video, then no one will skimp in liking it.

Leafy Sea Dragon: Friends, you must have seen trees speaking in many movies, in those movies, trees are shown as living binges, although trees are living binges, but they neither speak nor Let’s move, but friends, if we talk about the real world, it is not as huge as a tree, but there is such a creature present here, which you will see when you go to the square !!! Yes, even though it is a plant that looks like what you are seeing on your screen, do not mistake it as a plant, because it is a creator, which looks exactly like a plant, From seeing it for the first time, no one can say that it is an organism, because it is completely formed in the shape of a plant, and you can find out that it is an orga their friends, these creatures are mostly found in the sea areas of Australia, and their shape is like a dragon, that’s why They are also called Sea Dragon, friends, this creature is so rare that, you will not find it soon, and even if you have found it, you can neither catch it, nor It can be hunted, because it is strictly forbidden to harm this animal according to Australian law.

Mary River Turtle: Friends, although the turtles are considered very lucky, but we can not tell you anything about these unique turtles found in Queensland, Australia, whether it is lucky or not, but yes It is definitely different from the rest of the turtles. Because friends common turtles have absolutely clear skin, but green hair appears on the head of these turtles. And friends with green hair, if the spiked cut hairstyle happens, then the thing is different, and the same is true with these turtles, because their hair also stands like a spike cut, which makes them look really Another thing that makes them unique, along with friends, is that they can stay under water comfortably for 3 days, and they do not need much oxygen, they can live in water comfortably. Friends, as unique as these turtles are in appearance, they are as unique as their features, which make them quite different from other creatures.

Pangolin: – Friends, now meet Pangolin, which looks like it is the character of an animated movie. As you can see for yourself, this kind of creature does not get to see us soon, and hardly you have seen it before today, and friends will see how, this creature is so rare that, it is just in selected places But this is why it is the most exported animal in the world, yes friends, if you count lion, leopard, snake or turtle among the most exported animals If we are, then let us tell you that, the pangolin has left behind all living beill insects fill their stomachs by eating the pranks, but friends, the most special thing among them is that That, they twist their body in such a way that, if any wild life comes to hunt them, they do not understand that, it is a creature, or a stone, because when they fold their body , Then their size is a ball , Which looks quite spectacular.

Palm Thief: – Friends, this unique creature is also called coconut crab, and it is one of the largest crabs in the world, these creatures are so powerful that, they can break even a person’s bones, and they weigh almost. It is 9 pounds, and if we talk about its size, then it is about 1 foot, so if you have seen such a big crab, then brother will run away from it, otherwise if you feel threatened, then it immediately blows. Do it Area, and they stabbed a minor is not fat-wise, because if they do not have to hit you, you condition may worsen. Friends, these crabs are called coconut crab, because their dose d

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