10 Animals That Hate Each Other

10 Animals That Hate Each Other

We surely love nature and all the good vibes it brings to us every time we come in contact with it. But let’s be honest, not everything about it is love and peace. Just have a look at the animal kingdom and you’ll realize it gets quite wild out there. Today we’ll be looking at 10 animals that hate each other. I know, hate is maybe not the best word to describe these interactions, since animals don’t feel the same way we do. But these animals don’t get along at all and today we’re going to see why. And I’m not talking about your typical dog versus cat kind of fight. I’m talking about some of the craziest showdowns that you maybe are not even aware of. Make sure you stay with me all the way to the number one pick. When you see these two animals, you’ll know you don’t want to get in between once they get in a fight.

Without further ado, let’s start looking at these animals. Our list starts underwater, with very unexpected protagonists.

Archerfish and Bug

When we think of animals hating each other, we probably don’t think of fish right away. After all, these guys seem so peaceful and always mind their own business. In fact, they’re the ones who have to run away from predators and they are far from being the most aggressive living beings in the underwater world. However, you’ll be surprised to know that there’s actually a group of fish that is actually looking for trouble – they’re the archerfish, part of the Toxotes genus, a kind of fish that you can find in Thailand and all around Southeast Asia. The archerfish are known for shooting water at insects, which causes them to fall into the water and become dinner for them. I would definitely hate the archerfish if I was one of those poor bugs.

Fence Lizard and Fire Ants

Who would have thought that ants can take down a living lizard? Well, this is exactly what happens when unlucky fence lizards cross paths with groups of fierce fire ants. These 6 millimeter long bugs are known to have killed eight centimeter long fence lizards in the southeastern part of the US. However, since these incidents became quite common, fence lizards have learned to shake the ants off and move to safer spaces. That’s a great example of adaptation right there! In fact, some lizards that live surrounded by fire ants are now developing longer legs. It seems like the fight between these two animals will not end anytime soon, but at least the two sides are even now.

Wolves and Coyotes

Have you ever been in a fight with people from your own family? I hope you made peace with them afterwards. I mean, come on…it’s your family! But I guess we all have our issues. The two animals I’m about to show you, actually come from the same family, and they’re not necessarily friendly to each other: they’re the wolves and the coyotes, both coming from the family of dogs. While they share a lot of features, they adapt to the environment in different ways. An example of this is the way in which they responded to human tolerance. When humans started to take over the land, coyotes started to run away and spread out. Wolves, on the other hand, decided to stay and interact. Wolves also are quite bigger than coyotes, so it makes sense that they’re more fearless than their fellow canines.

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