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Most AMAZING Animal Bridges Around The World!

Check out the Most AMAZING Animal Bridges Around The World! From the coolest wildlife crossings to underpasses for pinguins and other creatures, this top 10 list of bridges made for animals will amaze you!

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10. Christmas Island Crab Bridge
Every year, Christmas Island is home to one of the most incredible animal migrations in the world, where 50 million red crabs make their way to the sea to spawn. The timing of the event is dictated by the phases of the moon and sees the females release billions of larvae into the sea, before returning back to their forest burrows where they live for the rest of the year.

9. Bukit Timah Expressway Eco-Link, Singapore
The Bukit Timah Expressway Eco-Link was built in 2013 at a cost of 16 million dollars and became Southeast Asia’s first ecological bridge. It was constructed to connect the Bukit Timah nature reserve and the Central Catchment nature reserve after the two were separated by the Bukit Timah Expressway in 1986.

8. Blue Penguin Underpass, New Zealand
Blue penguins, also known as Kororas, are the smallest species of penguin in the world, but some that live in New Zealand face a particularly treacherous journey. Those that live near the town of Oamaru have had to cross a busy road in the harbor to get between the sea and their nests… something they need to do every day in order to provide food to their young.

7. The Interstate-90 Overpass, Washington
The I-90 is the longest highway in the US, at a length of 3,020 miles, but its route in Washington state that passes east of Snoqualmie Pass has split the north and south Cascades, which means animals trying to get between the two have a treacherous path to take.

6. Hume Highway Rope Bridge, Australia
The Hume highway between Seymour and Benalla in northeast Victoria, Australia, is a 4 lane interstate freeway with 10,000 cars passing every day that split the ecosystem on either side, making it virtually impossible for any animal to cross. Of particular concern were squirrel gliders, whose populations are falling because of losing their habitat, and a decreasing gene pool.

5. Turtle Tunnel, Japan
In Japan’s Nara prefecture, rail officials were facing a problem. Because of the closeness of the railway line to the ocean, turtles were trying to cross the tracks with disastrous consequences. In particular, the points were a problem because when the point blades moved, turtles were occasionally being squashed between them.

4. Toad Tunnel, California
In 1995, following the completion of the Pole Line Road overpass over the I-80 in Davis, California… it was decided that something had to be done for local frog populations to help them cross. The 6-inch-wide Davis Toad Tunnel was built at a cost of 14 thousand dollars and has since become a local attraction.

3. Mandai Eco-Link, Singapore
Following the success of the Bukit Timah eco-bridge, a new animal crossing has been constructed in the city of Mandai in Singapore as part of a huge project to create a nature precinct of 5 wildlife parks. The bridge is needed to minimize the impact caused by the construction of the hubs, and also to help animals move between the different areas once it’s completed in 2023.

2. Bee Highway, Norway
Bee colonies around the world are under threat of collapse because of human behavior such as the use of pesticides and construction in their habitats, so the authorities in Oslo, Norway, have come up with an ingenious solution- what they call the Bee Highway.

1. Highway 9 Wildlife Crossing Project, Colorado
Colorado’s 11-mile-long Highway 9 between Green Mountain Reservoir and Kremmling bisects a large area of wildlife habitat and migration routes, which previously saw an average of 63 carcasses being found each winter, most of which were of mule deer.

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