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4 Animals That Might Easily Show Up In Your Toilet

Even if you’re the biggest animal-lover in the world, there are places where you wouldn’t be too happy to spot any four-legged creatures. Especially when they just appear at any moment in your bathroom or toilet! Why do they do that and how can you protect yourself from unpleasant surprises?

You can ensure your safety by following some simple advice: try not to flush any food remains down the toilet, and make sure your pipes are more than 24 inches wide. While rats, frogs, spiders, and even snakes are obviously unsanitary, but will actually most likely do you no harm when they arrive at your house solo.

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-Rats are always on the hunt for two things: food and shelter. Only the most desperate rat would go right to the center of the danger zone, which is your home. For the most part, you really have nothing to worry about. To avoid their visit, try not to flush any food remains down the toilet, and make sure your pipes are more than 24 inches wide.
-Frogs swarm around when you forget to switch the lights off in hotter times of the year as they are hunting insects.
-Flexible snakes can swim long distances and they love to hunt rats, and that’s what might bring them into your toilet. There’s almost nothing to worry about. Most cities aren’t suitable for snakes’ well-being in any possible way and to add to this – snakes rarely bite people and are rarely venomous.
-Spiders fall into bowls from ceilings, and they can go through plumbing. Like most spiders, the funnel web can’t swim, but it can survive in the water for as long as 30 hours by collecting air between hairs on its abdomen.

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