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Minecraft Survival Manual: How to Breed Animals & Make a Farm Ep | Survival Guide in Minecraft 1.14

This Minecraft Survival Guide will show you the very basics of how to start your Minecraft 1.14 world. This episode goes over Easy Farms and Animal Breeding in Minecraft

In todays episode of the Minecraft Survival Manual, with me, Avomance, Frilioth and I are starting on Farms and Animal Breeding!
I am doing it my way at my base, and he is doing it HIS way on HIS base:

Find Frilioth’s Video here:

I show you how to breed cows, how to breed pigs, how to breed sheep and how to breed chickens. I make a really simple farm with no redstone that is a great start to your world

I also show you how to use the recipe book in the crafting screen. This is a really useful Minecraft tool.

A fun Minecraft Lets Play Tutorial.


I hope this survival manual gives you some ideas on what to do, whether you are a new player (noob) or a Pro.

Feel free to leave us comments on what YOU think of our methods

We are using seed:

Come and play along with us

Frilioth and I are playing in Minecraft Hard Mode… this will give more mobs and make them stronger, and means we can die far more easily.

The ULTIMATE Minecraft Survival Manual for 1.14 IN HARD MODE


Check out Frilioth’s other videos on his channel here:


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This series and this channel are totally family friendly. No swearing or cursing and completely child friendly content


Minecraft survival is the purest form of the game. Gather resources, avoid being killed by mobs, get food and potentially die of starvation.
Creative Minecraft is great for awesome builds with massive detail, or for building fast without having to gather resources like wood and stone, but Survival is where the game started and it’s where the real players roam.


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Minecraft is a sandbox game that suits any age, young and old. Create anything you want out of blocks to create a Minecraft World that matches your imagination!
Use it to PVP other players, Build Castles, Create Clever Redstone contraptions or just socialise and play with friends and family

It really is genius!

Created by Mojang Studios, it is, at the time of writing, the most popular game on Youtube and had sold over 30,000,000 copies on the PC alone!

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