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Unbelievable Animals That Saved Human Lives!

Animals that came to the rescue! These are the stories of various animal heroes that saved human lives and animals that saved people!

7. The Mandys

Back in 2002, an Australian man named Noel Osborne was working on his farm when a cow pushed him over, and he landed in a pile of manure. Being seventy-eight years old at the time, Osborne was in bad condition after suffering a broken hip from the fall. He couldn’t move and was stuck outside, enduring sizzling days, freezing nights, and some storms. Luckily, his animals came to his rescue. Osborne’s collie, Mandy, and his goat, also named Mandy, laid next to him to keep him warm during the nights. The lactating nanny goat allowed him to drink her milk to stay alive. He was there for five days while his animal friends kept him warm. Finally, a couple of people came by to pick up another goat and found Osborne stranded in the manure. They called an ambulance in the nick of time. He later credited the two Mandys for saving his life.

6. Willie The Parrot

This heroic bird saved a two-year-old girl from certain doom in 2009. A woman named Megan Howard was watching the toddler, Hannah, when a babysitter’s worst nightmare became a reality. Luckily, Howard’s parrot, Willie, was there to save the day. She later told CBS, “While I was in the bathroom, Willie started screaming like I’d never heard him scream before and he started flapping his wings. Then he started saying ‘Mama baby’ over and over and over again until I came out and looked at Hannah and Hannah’s face was turning blue because she was choking on her Pop-Tart.” She then rushed over to the little girl and did the Heimlich maneuver, which saved her life. Howard noted, “If [Willie hadn’t] warned me, I probably wouldn’t have come out of the bathroom in time because she was already turning blue, her lips were blue and everything.”

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