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TOOTHIEST Animals In The World!

Check out the TOOTHIEST Animals In The World! From creatures with the largest teeth to wildlife with hundreds of teeth, this top 10 list of amazing animals with crazy teeth will amaze you!

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8. Narwhal
When it comes to pure size, the Narwhal, aka the “toothed whale”, got that name for a reason. Depending on how you look at it, it has the longest tooth in the world. At first, you might think that the thing sticking out of a Narwhal’s head is a horn, but it’s actually considered a tusk. And this particular kind of tusk is a Canine tooth.

7. Elephants
In terms of numerical value, Elephants usually have around 26 teeth in its mouth which might not sound that impressive, but they do have the distinction of having the largest teeth in the world: their tusks.

6. Giant Armadillo
The Giant Armadillo can be found in South America, and as its name indicates, it is the largest living species of Armadillo. And it also has the title of having the most teeth of any land mammal on Earth. How many teeth they have honestly ranges from creature to creature, but they can have as few as 74, and as many as 100. What’s interesting though is that all of these teeth are the same size, which you wouldn’t expect given the different kinds of teeth most mammals have.

5. Great White Sharks
One of the most feared sharks in the world has a reputation for being a very aggressive hunter, makes sense, the bigger they get, the more they need to eat!! To be an effective predator in the ocean, you need a large set of teeth to be able to grab and rip at your prey.

4. Catfish
While catfish may be one of the more popular “catches” that fishermen will go after, because they are delicious, if you looked inside its mouth, you’d see something much more fascinating. Rows upon rows of tiny little teeth. These teeth actually number over 9,200. Which seems like a lot of teeth to fit inside one little head. But of course, you need to take into account the size of these teeth, as well as the head of the Catfish itself.

3. Snails
Technically speaking, a snail does not have a set of teeth on them. As a member of the class Gastropoda, they have a Radula, which is a tongue-like structure within their mouths that has Denticles. Denticles are razor-sharp tooth-like structures that allow snails to eat and the radula has about 25,000 of them on average.

2. Requiem Sharks
The term “Requiem Sharks” is actually a reference to an entire family of sharks that exist in our world. They’re a part of the order Carcharhinidae and consist of creatures like the spinner shark, the blacknose shark, the blacktip shark, the grey reef shark, the blacktip reef shark, and the Oceanic whitetip shark.

1. Sea Slugs
It may not seem it when you look at a sea slug, but inside of their mouths are rows upon rows upon rows of spikes, which are technically teeth, that are located on a Radula, like with the snails that I just told you about. This is a “ribbon-like” tongue of sorts and according to some, these teeth in certain species of sea slugs can measure in the hundreds of thousands.

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