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Prehistoric Animals That Could Still Exist!

Check out these Prehistoric Animals That Could Still Exist! This top 10 list of mysterious animal sightings has some of the strangest unexplained ancient creatures caught on camera!

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9. Megatherium
When you think of sloths, you likely think of small, slow-moving creatures, but in the Ice Age, there were types of sloths that had much more active and aggressive tendencies. One of the biggest among these were the Megatherium. How big did they get? Well, these ground sloths could actually grow up to 20 feet long, which is longer than many land creatures today, including elephants.

8. Coelacanth
For 65 million years, the Coelacanth has been thought to be extinct. This fish was created during the Cretaceous period, which is when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. And by the time we got to the modern age, it was just assumed that the Coelacanth was extinct. Especially when fossils of the creature were found and no other fish in the water (that we knew of) looked like it.

7. Mokele-Mbembe
In the Congo River in Africa, there used to be a creature known as the Mokele-Mbembe. It was a reptile, but one with a long neck and tail, making it sound like a Sauropod, but one that resided in the water as well as one land.
Timeline wise, the Mokele-Mbembe lived around 65 million years ago. However, the people who live near the Congo River claim that they have seen the Mokele-Mbembe in the modern age.

6. Short-Faced Bear
The Ice Age was home to a bear that was much bigger, much heavier, and much more aggressive than the ones today. It was known as the Short-Faced Bear, and thought it’s been extinct for ten thousand years, there are those who swear it’s still alive today.

5. Megalania
In Australia during the Ice Age, there was creature that roamed the Outback as Apex Predator of the land, it was a massive lizard, and it was called the Megalania. This monitor lizard was bigger than a crocodile, 23 feet long to be precise. What’s more, it was said to have a mouth full of teeth that were not only sharp, they were also extremely venomous.

4. The Moa
While there are bipedal birds in the world today, none of them get as big as The Moa did back in its time. This flightless bird was said to have grown over 12 feet tall, and could weigh over a ton at times. Interestingly enough, the Moa was a very isolated bird, it lived on an island off the coast of New Zealand, and would actually eat plants for sustenance.

3. Saber-Tooth Tiger
When it comes to the legendary Saber-Tooth Tiger, it’s known as one of the most ferocious cats to ever live. These massive cats were the ancestors to many big cats that live in the world today, and they’re still the prime example of how vicious the feline species can be at its peak in terms of aggressiveness.

2. Woolly Mammoth
The Ice Age had many memorable creatures, ones that even are talked about to this day. But the No.1 creature of them all are the Woolly Mammoths. And though they have been extinct for more than 8,000 years ago (based on best estimates and evidence), there are some who think they are still alive.

1. Megalodon
There are some who believe that the infamous Megalodon could still be alive in the oceans today. For those who don’t know, the Megalodon is the biggest spark species ever to exist, that includes the sharks today like the Whale Shark and the Basking Shark.

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