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A Zoo Where People Are in Cages, and Animals Are Free

Most visits to a zoo involve casual strolling around cages and taking pictures of birds and animals. However, not all zoos are the same. Some might actually shock you and test how brave you are. Wanna tickle your nerves? There is a zoo in Chile where it’s not the animals that are in cages but the visitors!

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What’s the idea of Parque Safari in Chile? 0:34
How you should behave there 1:16
Orana Wildlife Park 2:29
How you can get immersed in the lion habitat 3:30
Some other exciting zoos
Where you can find 600 species from all over the world 3:57
The world’s “freest” zoo 4:56
Disney’s Animal Kingdom 5:38
Where you can see the cutest animal on the planet 6:20
What you can wear when you go to the zoo 7:13

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Children inside a cage watch at close quarters a lion at the Safari Lion Zoo in Rancagua, Chile, on October 30, 2014. The Safari Park Zoo is the only park in Latin America where tourists can see from a short distance six lions in a two-hectares large open area: By MARTIN BERNETTI/AFP/EAST NEWS,
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– Parque Safari is located in Rancagua, Chile. The idea of this reversed zoo, which is the first zoo of its kind in Latin America, is to allow people to see animals in their natural habitat.
– Visitors can attract the wild cats with fresh meat, but they are not allowed to feed them through the cage.
– Orana Wildlife Park is also the only wildlife park in New Zealand where the living conditions of its inhabitants are as close as possible to their natural habitat.
– You can get immersed in the lion habitat by hopping on a special vehicle that will keep you safe during your encounter with these majestic felines.
– The number of animals in Prague Zoo is simply over the top: more than 600 species from all over the world. The zoo itself is located on several levels that are connected by hanging bridges you can cross during warm seasons.
– Singapore Zoo is probably the world’s “freest” zoo. Its inhabitants might have no idea that they are kept in captivity because you won’t find the usual cages and fences here.
– Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the newest and largest park in Walt Disney World, and it’s one of the world’s largest animal parks. It opened in 1998 and combines safari elements with attractions.
– If you want to see pandas in real life, head to Chiang Mai Mountain Zoo in northern Thailand. There you can get a volunteer job and take care of pandas for 2 whole days!
– Most zoos allow visitors to wear anything, including clothes with animal prints. But not Chessington Zoo in the United Kingdom. Among the forbidden prints are zebra, giraffe, leopard, hyena, cheetah, tiger, and African wild dog.

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