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10 Innocent Animals That Will Disappear Because Of Humans

Animals are a part of our everyday life. Whether that’s in the form of cute and cuddly pets, the food that we buy at the supermarket, or the clothes that we wear: it’s impossible to go about your daily life without having some kind of animal interaction. But while most of the world can appreciate these weird and wonderful creatures for what they are, some people are determined to ignore their plight for survival. Because, let’s face it, a growing population combined with a potential lack of resources means some people are getting greedy and putting the animals to the back of their mind.

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Back to the animals. These innocent creatures deserve to survive too, but humans are making it increasingly difficult with the current circumstances. Many of these animals find their population numbers diminished due to poaching or overfishing. Cruel poachers in the wild like to set traps for wild animals in order to make use of parts of their bodies. Sometimes it’s for traditional medicines, and other times it’s just for financial gain. But that’s not the only reason why many species are slowly going extinct. As the human population grows, so does the amount of space taken up for housing, schools, and retail parks.

In other countries, like Rwanda, political and civil unrest has resulted in Mountain Gorillas living far too close to humans, because the refugees left over from the trauma that the country suffered had to find somewhere in the wild to settle. And some creatures even find themselves disappearing from the wild just by getting too caught up in whatever’s going on nearby. It’s clear that something needs to change, otherwise, these beautiful animals will be around no longer.

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