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The mating season has come for the animals of shaba.

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The mating season has come. When the climate has changed, and there is food all around, the animals get ready to bring their young into the world. And during the weeks immediately after the first rains, the different species come into mate and breed.

Among the Kori bustards, the males mark out their territories and begin a strange courtship ritual to attract the attention of the females while warning off other males.

Among the antelopes only the dominant males can mate with the females, and to occupy that position you have to beat the others in face-to-face combats, so hopeful males gather together in groups and permanently practice.

Among the oryxes, the groups are mixed and highly structured. The horns and the strength of these antelopes mean that clashes are extremely risky exercises which could cause terrible injuries or even death.

In the herds, mating is also decided by the hierarchy. Each one knows what it can aspire to, depending on its status within the group, so in the same herd different couples can mate without this creating any conflict among them.

For the secretary birds, too, the mating season has arrived. During this time, the secretary birds are attentive and affectionate with their mates, courting them on the ground, in flight and in the nest. And shortly afterwards, in a way ornithologists have still not been able to describe, they mate, then lay no more than three, extremely valuable, eggs.



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