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Our world is full of creatures, and the largest known animal on Earth is the Blue Whale. We all know that! But when it comes to size, this planet is home to even more terrifying, and various beautiful species, including really small and REALLY BIG animals. So, in this video, we’ll look at some of the Biggest Animals in the world.

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Below is the featured list of Biggest Animals In The World:
At number 7: Komodo Dragon – Largest living Lizard
At number 6: Whale Shark – Largest Fish
At number 5: Eastern Gorilla – Largest Primate
At number 4: Saltwater Crocodile – Largest Crocodile
At number 3: Green Anaconda – Largest Snake
At number 2: Brahma Chicken – Largest Chicken Breed
At number 1: Blue Whale – Largest living Animal

So guys, what do you think of these animals?
And which animal was your favorite?
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