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STRANGEST Looking Animals In The World!

Check out the STRANGEST Looking Animals In The World! From bizarre and unusual creatures to unique discovered species, this top 10 list of weirdest looking animals is unbelievable!

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13. Armadillo
While there are many animals in the world that have protection of many kinds, including sharp teeth, claws, horns. etc. the Armadillo is in a class all its own. And while you may think it’s not that strange because you’ve already seen it before, there’s no denying that this is one creature who has a lot going on!

12. Hyorhinomys stuempkei
If you’re curious as to why I used the Latin name for this creature, it’s because it’s a relatively new species that was discovered in the world in 2015. It was found on the island of Indonesia, and the moment that the person found it, they knew that they had something special, and weird. Why? Well, this rat has two very unique, and very weird, features.

11. Lilac-Breasted Roller
Birds come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. In fact, birds like peacocks and parrots are famous for their bright and unique colors. However, when it comes to the Lilac-breasted roller, the colors are what make it stand out in every way possible!

10. Saola
In Vietnam and Laos, there is a creature so rare that it has only been seen 4 times, and only gotten pictures of once or twice. It’s called the Saola, aka, the Asian unicorn, and their appearance is just one thing that is strange about them.

9. Red-Lipped Batfish
It should go without saying that any animal that looks like it has lips like a human, when many other animals don’t have that feature, is pretty weird. Such is the case with the Red-Lipped Batfish. You can find this fish in the Galapagos Islands, and true to the nature of the islands, this fish is both diverse and unique.

8. Gharial
A crocodile isn’t really a rare or unique species, scary and powerful yes, but maybe not that strange. That is until you see the Gharial! This species of croc that can only be found in India, and its defining characteristic is it has a really thin, long snout. The males have an appendage that they can use to vocalize and attract mates.

7. Proboscis Monkey
A nose is a very important part of an animal, and out sense of smell is one of the most important things. Since the ancient Greeks, a large distinctive nose has been a way to measure character. For the Proboscis Monkey, it’s its most defining feature, which makes it very strange indeed. The Proboscis Monkey is one that has a nose much bigger and larger than most animals, especially other monkeys.

6. Narwhals
There are numerous aquatic creatures that have protrusions or extensions on or near their head that are used for defense in one form or another. But none of them are as strange as the Narwhals. Narwhals are actually rather massive creatures, their bodies alone can go up to 16 feet in length, and that’s including their “tusk”. This very strange protrusion can sometimes grow up to 10 feet, which makes this a very long creature in any sense of the word.

5. Jerboa
On the surface, the Jerboa looks like a rodent, but then you see its massive legs, it’s incredibly small arms, it’s long tail, and you realize that this isn’t your typical rodent. In fact, it may be the strangest rodent on the face of this Earth.

4. Angora Rabbit
Many types of rabbits exist in the world. But only one has such a large fur coat that it could be called strange, and that is without a doubt the Angora Rabbit. This is a rabbit that has fur so massive, you honestly can’t tell that it’s a rabbit at times. If you looked at it from the back, you might think it was a literal ball of fur.

3. Tufted Deer
While deer are the prey of the animal Kingdom, the Tufted Deer, looks like anything but! Native to China, this deer has some scary looking fangs and almost looks more like a cat or something with the hair on its head and its sharp fangs that protrude from its mouth.

2. Venezuelan Poodle Moth
There are many different species of moths, but without a doubt, one of the strangest moths ever is the Venezuelan Poodle Moth. This moth was discovered in Venezuela by Dr. Arthur Anker, who saw the moth and took the only known picture of the creature, which goes to show how rare it is.

1. Axolotl
Strangeness comes in many forms, but in regards to the Axolotl, it’s strange on both a physical and genetic level.
It is only native to a specific lake in Mexico and while it does look like a salamander, its larvae fail to change during its natural metamorphosis. This in turn made it as large a salamander, yet, one that keeps it an aquatic creature, complete with gills and other underwater features.

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