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Animals That Hilariously Look like Food

Sorry, vegan and vegetarian friends- but, technically, animals ARE delicious. Chicken, fish, cow and pigs all make some of your favorite dinner items. But sometimes, animals can hysterically look like other delicious treats. Here are 18 animals That Hilariously Look Like Food.

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8.Mop Madness
Ok, so you definitely should NOT have any type of desire to eat a mop. But this funny comparison is still very noteworthy. After all, mops keep our kitchens clean. And we need our kitchens clean so that we can make our amazing food. According to the American Kennel Club, this dog- known as a Komondor- forms a coat of dense, wiry chords to protect his vulnerable body parts in case of attack. You can search high and low, but you won’t find a mutt more mop-like than the Komondor.

7.A Fruity Duck
This one is a little more difficult to compare, but some people have likened the color of a duckling to that of a plantain. When put side by side, we can sort of see it! It is pretty difficult to find anything else on this planet with that yellow and brown color besides a plantain. Much like it’s cousin, the banana, the plantain offers multiple health benefits. Plantains can boost your immune system and regulate your digestive tract. Chicks can regulate your mood. Because we you look at them, they’re just so darn cute, you can not help but smile!

6.Bird Dip
This hilarious photo compilation of birds and the avocado mixture is making us seriously want some “squak”-a mole. (For VO: pronounced like guacamole). Some people online have compared the vibrant green color guacamole with tomatoes to the vibrant green color of a tropical bird of paradise. Or should we say parrot-dise? Ha! One thing is for sure, they definitely make us want to pack up our sun hats and bathing suits , and head to the nearest vacation getaway spot.

5.Seal Roll
The eel roll is always a decadent favorite at any favorite sushi spot. If you look closely enough, you may just get a kick out of seeing some similarities between this eel roll and this seal lying upon a rock. Sadly enough, a “Seal roll” sushi roll is actually a menu item that exists in some places. The topic of whether or not it is ethical to eat the meat of a an animal that looks so loveable and adorable has always been a hotly debated moral issue. Some call it the “veal of the sea” and some say that such cannibalism is strictly off limits. We couldn’t imagine doing anything other that cooing over these cute creatures.

4.Wise Apple
An apple a day keeps the doctor a way. And a owl a day keeps the mice away. Can you see the likeness between this apple that’s been cut in half and this adorable white owl? Apparently, snow owls probably wouldn’t like an apple as a gift. They snack on small mammals, ranging from rodents to large hares. If we’re making connections here, an apple is often associated with a teacher. And A owl is often associated with wisdom .So this, if anything, is a smart connection!

3.Shiba S’mores
If you’re an avid camper, you might recognize what this adorable Shiba looks like more quickly than the rest of us. The puffy light brown and white fur of the Shiba actually make it look like a scrumptious toasty roasted marshmallow. Mmmm. Doesn’t that marshmallow look like it’s come straight off the campfire? Now all you need is a couple of graham crackers, a Hershey’s chocolate bar, and your best friend. For some lucky people, their best friend is Shiba. According to the AKC, a shiba is the most lovable companion you can have. So loveable, in fact, that the American Kennel Club voted them the number one dog in the world. They’re loyal, high energy, and very beloved in Japan.

2.Snake Candy
The date of Easter holiday depends on the ecclesiastical approximation of the March equinox. That sounds complicated, so we’ll just say this. It’s essentially a Sunday sometime in the Spring where Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ by going to church. But religious and nonreligious people alike still love to reap the delicious benefits of the holiday by buying tons of pastel candies at drug stores. There are pastel M&Ms, pastel candy corns, pastel jelly beans, and pastel snakes. Wait a minute- snakes?! No way. The animals usually associated with Easter are bunnies and chicks. But this pastel colored snake could easily blend into a table full of Easter decorations, wouldn’t you agree? One thing is for sure- he is definitely not a pastel candy, even if he appears to look like it. Go for Cadbury Creme eggs instead.

1.Shar Pei Soft Serve
It sounds silly, but some people have humorously paired together a Shar Pei dog with soft serve ice cream. These furry friends appear to have rolls and rolls of dangerous fat. From eating too much soft serve ice cream, perhaps? But not such is the case. The Shar Pei has extra skin wrinkles not from some type of massive weight loss, but because they are a part of its genetic makeup.

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