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Amazing Animals With PROSTHETIC LIMBS!

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9. Beauty the Bald Eagle
This bald eagle was shot in the face by poachers in 2005. Somehow she survived, but the upper part of her beak and complete right side was destroyed and she was unable to fend for herself in the wild. She was rescued by Janie at the Birds of Prey Northwest, a conservation facility in Northern Idaho. Many experts said the bird could not be saved and should instead be euthanized. But Janie refused to accept that fate for Beauty.

8. Mr. Stubbs the Alligator
One of the worst things that can happen to an animal is the loss of a major limb. For alligators, their tail is critical for helping them keep their balance and buoyancy in the water. Meet Mr. Stubbs. He was found in the back of a truck along with other exotic animals in 2013 that were being transported by animal-traffickers illegally. It’s believed another alligator bit his tail off, but no one’s really sure what happened to it.

7. Victoria the Goose
Victoria the Brazilian goose was found on the coast of Sao Paulo without most of her beak. She was taken in by Friends of the Sea, an organization that takes care of marine animals mostly. For a long time, she was dependent on humans feeding her baby food or regular food chopped up into tiny pieces. There was no real prospect of a better life, so they went to Paolo Miamoto, a dentist who specializes in being able to make 3D replica teeth and even complete parts of the face and mouth!!

6. Holly the Horse
Hooved animals like horses can suffer from a debilitating and painful disease called Laminitis which affects the attachment between the hoof and bone. A horse in Australia named Holly had been suffering from the disease for 3 years and was almost unable to walk.

5. Cyrano the Cat
Cyrano L. Catte II, was a normal cat, besides his elaborate name. Unfortunately, he developed bone cancer in his left leg. Although he survived the experience, it did come at a cost. Cyrano was unable to stand on his left leg even though his human companions did everything they could to help him. He was the first cat to receive radiation therapy but his leg was damaged beyond repair.

4. Fred the Tortoise
Remember Victoria the Goose? Well Animal Avengers is at it again!! Tortoises may seem indestructible because of their shell, but their inherent slowness makes them very vulnerable in certain situations, like a wild brushfire. This is exactly what happened to Freddie and it is a miracle he was still alive. He was found in bad shape with his shell incredibly damaged.

3. Derby the Dog
Sometimes, animals are born with deformities and are often euthanized. Derby was born without fully formed front legs, which made walking very difficult and running impossible. He was taken in and fostered by Tara Anderson, an employee at 3D Systems. Thanks to this technology she was able to make custom prosthetics which are more practical than the traditional ones. She got a cart with wheels but Derby couldn’t really run.

2. Hope The Giraffe
A giraffe was born at the Topeka Zoo in 2010, with deformed rear legs. Zoo keepers didn’t think she had much of a chance, but a month later, they named her Hope. Another giraffe born in 2007 was born with a similar condition and was euthanized at 7 months old.

1. Winter The Dolphin
If you’ve ever heard of the movie “Dolphin Tale”, then you might know that this was based on a true story. The dolphin known around the world as Winter was found entangled in a crab trap line in 2005. Just 3 months old, the dolphin was rescued but her tail was severely damaged and eventually she lost it. She was named Winter at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and she had a lot of trouble swimming.

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