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Top Funny Animals Compilation – Kids enjoy amazing animal At The Zoo New

Top Funny Animals Compilation – Kids enjoy amazing animal At The Zoo New
Hi dear welcome to my new video I’m very exited show you the amazing animals video at the zoo, The first character you will see the beautiful macaw starting show their ability. these animals some from wild as you know the tiger live in forest we can’t play with them if we talk about the crocodile they are very strong but now they are the best character to show with human as well as possible. You will see the elephant in this video they are gentle and quiet most people feeling awesome to meet that gentle elephants and buy banana for gift I think these elephant really love to communicate with people. If we think about the tiger, lion, elephant live in forest they are very ferocious and people may not communicate with as this video and now these wild animals was trained by the teacher that have many year experience, some animal need for training from young such as lion or tiger.
About the orangutan look! they are very intelligent he have ability to ride the bike well then me. all the orangutan show are interesting from fan and the first time I almost unbelievable that these animals so smart.
Thanks for watching my video 🙂

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