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DANGEROUS Animals In Australia!

Check out these dangerous animals in australia! This top 10 list has some of the most deadly creatures around the world!

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9. Textile Cone Snail
While it may not look like much, these snails possess a neurotoxin powerful enough to easily a human. What’s more they have an effective delivery mechanism for this venom – a tiny harpoon. It is a hollow barb that can be fired in any direction and then reeled back in by the snail. In larger cone snails the harpoon is large and powerful enough to not only penetrate human skin, but gloves or wetsuits too.
The textile cone snail is located in Australia, the Indo-Pacific Region and the Indian Ocean. The venom of the cone snail are known as conotoxins and contain various neurotoxic agents. These can be very specific to a certain type of nerve and are being studied intensively. Some cone snail venoms also contain pain-killing properties, which is a nice gesture after they just jabbed you with neurotoxins and you are rapidly due to paralysis of the respiratory system! However, most severe stings begin with intense, localized pain. The onset of life-threatening symptoms can take several days.
One species of cone snail is referred to as the “cigarette snail” as if you are stung by one you’ll have just about enough time to smoke one…
8. Cassowary
Trust Australia to be home to a bird that can you! Similar to an ostrich, the cassowary is a flightless bird about the size of a tall man. The rely on enormously powerful legs to get them around. While these birds may have a look of giant turkey, the wild, staring eyes should be enough to intimidate you! The Guinness Book of World Records names the cassowary as the most dangerous bird on the planet. Attacking cassowaries will jump on the victim and slash and kick, peck, and head butt.
The cassowary’s main weapon is a 12cm-long, dagger-like claw. Armed with this claw, and capable of running at speeds over 40km/h, this is one big bird you do not want to mess with. Which is exactly what two brothers did in 1926. The teenagers attacked the bird with sticks, one was kicked and the other fell to the ground. While on the ground the boy received a kick to the neck which severed his jugular vein. There are also more recent references to the of a zookeeper who was also apparently by a captive cassowary. Just admire these animals from afar, it’s not like you can accidentally step on it so this is an animal that can easily be avoided, even though it could be.
7. Stonefish
The lumpy and colorful stonefish are the world’s most venomous fish. As the name suggests the stonefish resembles a lump of rock or coral and is extremely well camouflaged. So good is this camouflage that they are even pretty hard to spot even in aquariums when the tank is labelled. Armed with needle-sharp dorsal spines, they often go unnoticed until someone accidentally steps on one. The spines contain poison sacs that shoot the potent neurotoxin into the foot which is extremely painful and can be. The stonefish sting is so excruciating that victims have been reported to want to even amputate their leg!! The best solution is to apply heat to the area which can start to destroy the venom and then of course an antivenom as soon as possible. In fact this antivenom is the second most frequently administered antivenom in Australia. A sting to the chest or abdomen can easily be fatal. And just because you don’t go in the water, doesn’t mean you are safe either! Stonefish can survive out of the water on the beach for up to 24 hours.

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