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Animals With Absolutely SURPRISING Teeth!

Check out these animals with absolutely amazing gigantic teeth! This top 10 list of animal teeth has some of the biggest and largest teeth on creatures in the world! Nature is awesome!

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10. Sea Lamprey
You may have heard of the Sea Lamprey because of the destruction they’ve caused in the great lakes as an invasive species. They are native to the Atlantic Ocean and are considered parasites (like leeches) that don’t usually their host.

9. California Purple Sea Urchin
They’re the last thing you want to step on as you walk around the ocean floor, but Sea Urchins aren’t just dangerous because of their spines- they also have a frightening set of teeth. Not that we need to be scared as humans but they are pretty scary for other creatures!

8. Cookie Cutter Shark
Sharks have teeth in all shapes and sizes, but the most unusual ones have to be those of the cookiecutter shark. This species is known as a ‘sleeper shark’ and is actually a type of dogfish. They have long, thin bodies, with a short cone-shaped snout and no fin.

7. Livyatan
The Livyatan used to be known as the Leviathan but has recently been renamed. Turns out the name was already taken!
This prehistoric whale lived during the Miocene period about 13 million years ago. They were carnivorous, grew to up to 60 feet long, and could weigh up to 50 tons- that’s the weight of 6 elephants!

6. Penguin
Penguins are some of the cutest animals on earth, so it’s no surprise that they are a popular creature in wildlife documentaries and family adventures set in the cold- but there’s one thing you don’t see often- the inside of their mouths- and there’s a good reason for this…It’s pretty scary!

5. Conodont
The sharpest teeth of any animal to ever have lived are not, as you might expect, those of a shark, or even a dinosaur- they belonged to a relatively little-known creature called a Conodont.

4. The Helicoprion
The Helicoprion, also known as the ghost shark, lived about 270 million years ago and had one of the most unusual sets of teeth of any creature. Along with the normal rows of teeth on its lower jaw, it had a central whorl of teeth that sat in its mouth where you’d normally expect to see a tongue. The upper part of the mouth had no teeth.

3. The Camel Spider
The camel spider, also known as sun spiders, wind scorpions, or beard cutters- are neither spider, nor scorpion, but belong to a completely separate order of arachnids. They live on most continents in the hotter, drier areas, and more than 1000 different species have been documented. Some can be as long as 8 inches, and run at speeds of up to 10 miles per hour- which is twice the normal walking speed of a human.

2. The Pacu Fish
Animals around the world have teeth of all shapes and sizes, but the teeth of the Pacu fish are eerily familiar to all of us. This species is closely related to the piranha and is native to South America- although they have been known to escape captivity and thrive in waterways throughout the world.

1. Leatherback Sea Turtle
If you see them in the water, they are one of the most beautiful and graceful creatures you’ll ever encounter, but the giant leatherback sea turtle hides a secret you’ll rarely see- its terrifying mouth and throat.

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